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Calming the Chaos: Building a Resilient Mindset at Home and Work

How often do we have ourselves stressed out and on our way to becoming burnt out from all the day-to-day pressures we face in our line of work and our personal lives? 

In this session, we will discover how to calm the chaos in our work and home environments using simple techniques that will empower us to develop a resilient mindset both at work and at home. 

Team Member Outcomes:

  • Recognize how chaos shows up in our personal and professional lives

  • Become self-aware of what issues can stem as a result of not addressing the chaos

  • Identify simple steps to help calm chaos, reduce stress, and build resiliency 

  • Realize the impact we can make on our organizations, communities, and families

Organizational Outcomes:

  • Reduction in costly workplace errors

  • Reduction in healthcare-related expenses

  • Reduction in costs associated with staff turnover

  • Reduction in lost time due to unproductive and unfocused team members


Creating Drama-Free Work and Home Environments: Building Resilient Relationships

How often do we have chaos and drama show up in our lives due to communication breakdowns at work and at home?

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we didn’t have stress related to relationships involved?

In this fun and engaging session, we will find ways to reduce relationship drama by discovering how to meet people where they are at while learning how we are naturally wired. 

Team Member Outcomes:

  • Recognize how drama shows up in our personal and professional lives as a result of interpersonal issues

  • Learn how to build relationship resiliency so the mission can move forward

  • Discover how to recognize in others the:

    • Strengths

    • Motivators

    • Fears

    • Stress triggers

    • Communication preferences

Organizational Outcomes:

  • Decrease staff turnover

  • Promote employee engagement 

  • Foster team cohesiveness 

  • Increase individual focus to reduce workplace errors​


Cultivating Courageous Leaders: Creating a "Mission First People Always" Mindset

Courageous leaders are in high demand and short supply. As history has shown, leaders who have the guts to step forward, take some risks, and lead with courage during times of turmoil and times of prosperity will be winners. While this sounds great on paper, in all reality, how does this work in our busy world today?

In this session, leaders will discover how to become courageous leaders both in their professional and personal lives through developing a Mission First, People Always Mindset.

The outcomes of this session will be to:

  • Teach how a Mission First, People Always Mindset calms chaos

  • Learn the value of becoming situationally aware of how stress and chaos shows up in personal and work lives

  • Find ways to surround themselves with positive resources

  • Discover the gift of perspective so that they can positively impact those around them

Organizational benefits include:

  • Increase team member engagement 

  • Reduce costs associated with staff turnover

  • Empower courageous leaders to strengthen not only themselves, but also raise up their communities, organizations, and families


Developing a Courageous Mindset

How much better would our families, communities, and organizations be if we helped individuals develop a courageous mindset?  

In this engaging session, we will learn how to build resilience, overcome obstacles, and work in our strengths by developing a courageous mindset.

Team Member Outcomes:

  • Decrease stress

  • Learn techniques to encourage a courageous mindset

  • Learn to value a mission lead mentality 

  • Understand the impact we make on others through our actions

Organizational Outcomes:

  • Promote employee wellness

  • Increase team member engagement

  • Reduce team member stress to increase employee focus & safety