Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Our First Responders?

Humanizing the Badge Through Social Media

Getting to assist my first responder groups in learning how to decrease stress, build resiliency, and reduce chaos is truly a joy…an honor I do NOT take lightly. So what are some of the stressors that our first responder communities are facing today?  Sadly, the stressors that most of our first responders face will NOT be […]

Deep Frying a Turkey This Year? You Have to Check Out This Video…

Turkey turns into a fireball in 3 seconds

Many folks in the United States enjoy deep frying turkeys this time of year, however this 2 minute video demonstrates how a turkey can turn into a fireball in 3 seconds.  Here are some quick facts that may be worth sharing with anyone planning to deep fry a turn this year: When heated enough, cooking […]

Did You Know that Thanksgiving Doubles Your Chance of a House Fire?

12 Best Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe This Thanksgiving

Did you know that the average number of house fires on Thanksgiving Day is normally double the average number of fires in homes all other days? It is a day that keeps firefighters on their toes for sure. 67% of home cooking fires start when food or cooking materials catch on fire. ~ USFA Please share […]

Show 080: Safety in Our Places of Worship With Law Enforcement Experts Jim Caauwe and Jim Bender

Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) helps organizations cultivate courageous leaders as leaders and team members will learn how to:
~ Build Resiliency
~ Become situationally aware of complacency
~ Adapt to change
~ Recover from setbacks
~ Reduce stress
~ Overcome obstacles
~ Removal of self-limting barriers

Looking forward to serving you.

Photo courtesy of Tricia Wang under Flickr Creative Commons

Jim Bender Bio: Jim is the President and Founder of Strategic Consulting Solutions – LLC, a company born from the vision that we all have the responsibility to watch out for each another. He also believes that we must be good stewards of our resources. This is most true when we consider our human resources. Ensuring […]