Radio Show 042: How to Find Courage From Former Army Ranger Hector Matascastillo

Hector Matascastillo - Post Traumatic Stress DisorderHector R. Matascastillo is my guest this week. Hector is an independent clinical social worker with experience working with Veterans who are or have been criminally intersected. His own experience with mental health diagnoses as a result of military experience have propelled him into advocacy and public speaking. Hector has spoken in front of thousands of people in various venues bettering the understanding of others of how mental health issues can come out and how to better deal with them when they do. Hector is now a psychotherapist contracting with Life Development Resources and the Domestic Abuse Project and operating from the micro to macro level on behalf of individual with mental health diagnoses. Connect with Hector via LinkedIN.

Photo courtesy of Nick Webb under Flickr Creative Commons

It was a total honor getting to have Hector on the show again. Being that he is a 13-time deployed Army Ranger and has an incredible story of having the courage to bring himself up from the depths of despair to where he is today, I thought he was the perfect guest to have on to talk about how to find courage. The show replay is available by clicking the link below or available through Stitcher or iTunes under The Iron Jen Show. Show highlights include:

What prevents us from becoming courageous?

  • Most of us think that courage is found through acting brave or tough when in actuality, courage is found through vulnerability.
  • Shame is a powerful barrier that prevents us from finding courage. Shame is when we use the words “I am” followed by something negative (i.e. I am worthless, I am weak) compared to guilt which is saying “I did” whatever it is you did. Vulnerability allows us to become equal with others which allows us to share.
  • Vulnerability and shame expert Brene Brown shows  us through her book Daring Greatly that we all deal with shame at one point in our lives. In order to find courage, we need to face into our vulnerability.
  • Control is an illusion that hides us from the truth of shame. Shame prevents us from becoming courageous.

What steps can we take to find courage?

  • The first step is realize that we are imperfect. Imperfection is not wrong or bad. Those who are around those that accept their imperfections can tell that person has something that most of us don’t have.
  • Embrace that we are born with significance and worthy of it.
  • We never need power or control as they are just symptoms of shame.
  • To see ourselves as awesome just as we are.

Contact info:

If you are interested in having Hector speak to your group or you want to find more information out about Hector, he can be reached through:

  • Cell: 612-309-1264
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn

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*Photo courtesy of Nick Webb under Flickr Creative Commons-licensed content


Read Hector’s guest post: Using Vulnerability to Gain Courage 

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