Radio Show 029: Healthy Ways of Destressing

Alex BarkerAlex Barker is my guest this week. Alex is a clinical pharmacist who provides care for veterans with chronic diseases like diabetes. He sees the long term effects of stress everyday and its impact on health. He is also the author of The Leadership Dojo (link:, where he and you learn to lead and master life. He has an upcoming podcast to be launched late fall of 2013 which will contain interviews from national to small-time leaders discussing their secret sensei wisdom. For more info, connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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This week, I was delighted to get to connect with Dr. Alex Barker this week as we talked around ways for high achievers for healthy ways of destressing to overcome stress. Here are our show notes.

Many us tend to blame our stress on outside factors versus looking at our reactions as a choice. Stress is directly related to the choices we make in our actions and attitudes.

While everyone is at risk for developing unhealthy amounts stress in our lives, those who work night shifts, rotating shifts, and long hours are especially at risk.

Extended exposure to high stress levels can lead to:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity

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Our habits are formed from our responses to stress (i.e. eating chips in front of the TV versus exercising).

Simple and easy tips to distress include:

  • Learn to say no to things that don’t match up with your priorities, goals, and passions. Learning to take out the chaos in our life is empowering.
  • Bring consistency to your life. For example, learning how to be consistent in your diet will lead to better health.
  • Choose wisely what you put in your life. For example, meditation is a great habit to put in your life.

Tips for helping loved ones through stress include:

  • Inquire what ways would be best for that loved one to de-stress and then do those things with that person.

All of us have different ways to de-stress (for example, a introvert’s way of de-stress is going to be much different than a extrovert.

When inquiring, ask open ended questions to find win:win solutions.

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Radio Show 029: Healthy Ways of DestressingRadio Show 029: Healthy Ways of Destressing Radio Show 029: Healthy Ways of Destressing

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