Strength Profile

GREAT tool for organizations and individuals to help them unleash their best

Imagine how many of our problems in life would disappear if we didn’t have communication issues in our personal and work lives.

Imagine how much stress could be mitigated if we understood how to communicate effectively.

Imagine what life would be like if we understood our strengths, fears, weaknesses, and motivators.

In working with organizations around the country through my trainings and workshops as well as working with folks through my 1:1 and group coaching, I have found no greater way to unleash your best by starting with the first step which is…

Becoming Self Aware!!   

One of the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive ways we can do this is by taking my EASY 24 question strength personality profile. This strength profile takes about 5-15 minutes to take and will help you:

  • Understand your personality style
  • Discover motivational characteristics of your behavioral style
  • Empowering communication DOs and DONTs
  • Identify your strengths
  • Get an action plan worksheet to improve interpersonal skills

Use the information in your report to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, improve workplace dynamics, build stronger teams and motivate yourself and others.85% of the process of finding the life you love is by looking inward. 

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website_bannerHow long does it take to get your report?

Download your report instantly!

  • Automated, online availability and the results provided immediately for you to download and save.
  • This is all done via your computer, nothing will be physically sent to you!
  • Your unique personality report will provide you with multiple graphs on how you view yourself and how others experience you.
  • Fun components such as a historical character match (are you more like Ghandi or George Washington?), Career Style (see how your personality affects how you are in the workplace), and an Action Plan to help you better communicate with others.

Organizations Looking for Additional Training:

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Organizations hire on skills and abilities, but fire on behaviors.

  • Imagine how much staff turnover costs you could save just by helping your teams communic
    ate better.
  • Imagine how much could get done without all the trauma and drama that goes with personality conflicts in the office.

“Low morale leads to lost productivity, which costs the American economy $350 billion annually,” according to the Gallup Organization.

Helping your employees learn how they are individually wired will not only help them communicate better with others, but also help them manage the unexpected, stay focused, and gain an understanding on how they can contribute effectively. Primary applications of this strength profile include:

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Building leadership abilities
  • Diffusing interpersonal conflict
  • Choosing attainable goals
  • Boosting performance and productivity
  • Increasing motivation
  • Strengthening workplace skills
  • Constructing strong teams
  • Cultivating productive work or study habits
  • Making smart hiring decisions

This strength profile covers the following areas of your team members personalities:

  • Strengths in the Workplace
  • Potential Limitations
  • Contributions to a Team
  • Motivational Characteristics
  • Greatest General Fears
  • Communication Style
  • Compatibility with Other Personality Styles
  • Growth Areas
  • Ideal Environments
  • Strengths in Leadership

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G.R.I.T. (Growing Resilient Individuals & Teams) with Jen leads to learning to learning how to:
~ Build Resiliency
~ Become situationally aware of complacency
~ Adapt to change
~ Recover from setbacks
~ Reduce stress
~ Overcome obstacles
~ Removal of self-limting barriers

Looking forward to serving you.

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