A honest look at failure

What every organization should look at when creating their culture

Life without failures is either a person living in La La Land or someone who has never had the guts or GRIT to reach out to win. I will take my guts and grit any day, thank you.

Any true champion has had their fair share of failures, however often times we only see the pinnacle of their success. With media and social media today, we often times only see the organizations and individuals that are winning however we don’t always realize the failures it took to get there.  Check out the following […]

The foundation to Courage, Resilience and Strength is Grit

3 Questions Every Organization Should Ask

GRIT is the foundation to courage, resilience and strength

  Often times we think of GRIT as being for people who were born with a strong will.  Too often during painful times in our life it is easy to want to quit. It is especially true when we are living or working in chaotic, stressful for fearful situations.  “GRIT is the foundation to courage, resilience […]

Best Tip to Move Past Fear

What every first responder and high stress organization should know about overcoming fear

COURAGE is the ability to BREATHE and move through your fears.

Have you ever found yourself riding up the tallest part of a rollercoaster…as the cart rises to the top, the clicking and clanking noise fills the silent anticipation of the BIG drop that always follows that big climb. What happens when we get to the top of the tallest part of the roller coaster? Well, we […]

11 Minutes in Hell – How Can We Survive the Pain?

Using GRIT and Resiliency To Push Past Our Fears

Dig deep for GRIT and Resiliency as it is within all of us to use as a tool to push past our fears.

Have you ever burned your hand while grabbing something out of the oven? It hurts.  Imagine putting yourself intentionally in a small medal container where the temperature reaches 1,100 degrees as fire surrounds you! Talk about hot! In 2005, Tony Sclafani from theDaily News did a GREAT article entitled 11 Minutes In Hell stemmed from his experience of the […]