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Lets Unleash Your Very Best

It is a thrill and HONOR to frequently receive requests from people asking to “pick my brain,” set aside time to meet up for lunch or coffee, or see if I can give them some “quick advice.” It has also been a DELIGHT since 2012 to helped thousands of people unleash their very best in their business and life through my books, live events, and group coaching programs. 

Because my calendar can’t accommodate all the 1:1 requests that come in, I am EXCITED to offer you the opportunity to meet 1:1 through my “pick my brain session.” This is separate that my VERY LIMITED ongoing 1:1 coaching program where I walk along side my clients over a period of time, but rather meant for that person looking for a very focused session to get them moving forward towards their dreams, desires, and goals IMMEDIATELY.

Imagine how much time, money, frustration, stress, and energies you will save in your future through our time spent together! 

In our time together, we will work as a team using my experience and your unique situation to create a step by step plan to achieve the success you desire. 

Priced to Fit Your Budget

Because our time together will take place through a video conference call and doesn’t require travel, I am able to pass the savings on to you. There is no hourly rate for my time and your $247 one-time fee is at a price point that allows anyone who wants to move forward time to find ways to budget wisely for their investment. This means we will work together during our time together without having to worry about how much it will cost you for each minute that we are together. Rather, our time will be spent focusing on how to move YOU forward to your dreams and desires. 

You can choose if you want to pay through Paypal, credit card, or debt card.

Ready To Move Forward?

To help ensure we make the most of our time together, click the “Apply Here” button to get started on your coaching application. The information you provide will also help us create the best ROI for your time, money and energies.

What can you expect from me?

In working with high achievers and coaches throughout the years, I find that being blunt, upfront, and honest in our time together brings forward the best outcomes and that is what I desire for YOU. At the end of the day, I want to see YOU succeed. 

What I look for in a client is the Everyday Hero who:
  1. Realizes the value of investing in themselves and is ready to move forward. 
  2. Is willing to invest their time and energies into unleashing their best.
  3. Understands the value of accountability and value of having a champion help them read the “label within the bottle while they are sitting in the jar”
Here are things I do not tolerate from a client:
  1. “Society is to blame for all my problems” attitudes / not willing to take personal responsibility. 
  2. Trying to sell me a “sob story” about why I should work with you cheap (or free).
  3. Constant complaining and whining about a situation with no action on moving forward.

Hear what others are saying:

“Working with Jen is like turning on the lights at a surprise party, you get hit with a burst of positive energy that you just know is going to lead to good things. Jen was able to meet me right where I was (at a crossroads) and help me identify options for moving forward that I just couldn’t see. Coaching with The Iron Jen is a non-judgmental, high value and motivating experience I strongly recommend!” – Jon G.

“I highly recommend Jen’s coaching program. It will keep you focused, accountable and inspired to take massive action on your goals. If you have a big goal and you want to GET IT DONE, sign up now!!! Don’t hesitate!” ~ Patti Rose

Additional Background:

For 20+ years I was in jobs that I loved. It wasn’t until I lost the job I loved and found myself absolutely miserable in the “America dream j.o.b.”  It was during this painful time that we were paying off a ton of debt and dealing with a lot of medical issues with our son. I felt stuck, helpless, and confused in being in a job that my family depended on, but definitely didn’t match up with my gifts, passions, or purpose. I was unhappy, I was making my husband miserable with my misery, and I had become an impatient and worn out mom to our 4 kids. I was trying valiantly to be the Everyday Hero my family wanted, however the burden of living without purpose or passion was killing me. Can you relate? It was through this painful experience, I investing in coaching  to unleash my very best. What were the results?

  • Within 4 years, my family and I ended up paying off over $212,000 worth of debt and medical expenses.
  • I starting building my dream business and wrote 3 Amazon Top 100 books within a year while working a full-time job with a two hour commute (plus being mom to four kids).
  • Through all the pain and discontent I found my true passion, purpose, and mission for helping others unleash their very best.

Most times we think as Everyday Heroes we must travel the road to success alone. Perhaps we think it is “weak” to ask for help or we don’t know anyone who has ever worked with a coach. Know that not only have I personally invested in my coaching for over 20 years, but wholeheartedly believe is it one of the best investments we can make to help us unleash our very best that uses the best of our time, money, and energies.

Whether you are feeling stuck in a job you hate or stuck in a life you never dreamed you would be living, know I would love to help you find unleash the very best that is waiting within you. Know that if we work together, we will will work to discover what it is you really want and then work find manageable and realistic action steps to GET there.

Walking the Walk:


Walking the Walk:

For over 20 years I have invested in the best of the best coaches around the world. Some of my own coaches have included people such as:

  • New York Times Bestselling Author, Dan Miller
  • Wealthy Speaker Coach, Jane Atkinson
  • National Youth Speaker, Kent Julian
  • U.S. Olympic Committee Member Psychology Coaches
  • U.S. Olympic Athletes
  • 20+ Emmy-Award Winning Video Journalist & Storyteller, Mark Anderson
  • World-wide Known Comedian and Speaker, Judy Carter
  • Communication Expert and DISC Trainer, Jill Davis


In addition, I am also a:

  • 8-time national olympic style weightlifter, MN Hall of fame USA weightlifter,  and 2-time U.S. Olympic Festival medal winner
  • 3-time Amazon Top 100 Author including #1 Amazon Author under budgeting for my book 5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich
  • Ironman triathlete
  • Certified firefighter 1, 2 and first responder
  • Member of the National Firefighter Chaplain’s Association


Additional “street credentials” include:

Besides my extensive experience in unleashing my very best, I am also a:

  • Certified Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coach
  • Certified DISC Trainer
  • Coaching With Excellence graduate
  • Wealthy Speaker program graduate
  • Dan Miller’s 48 Connector and Affiliate Program Leader (15,000+ online community member site)
  • Jane Atkinson’s Wealthy Speaker Community Manager and Pick a Lane Coach

You can find out more about me HERE

G.R.I.T. (Growing Resilient Individuals & Teams) with Jen leads to learning to learning how to:
~ Build Resiliency
~ Become situationally aware of complacency
~ Adapt to change
~ Recover from setbacks
~ Reduce stress
~ Overcome obstacles
~ Removal of self-limting barriers

Looking forward to serving you.