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Who Are You Grateful For and Why?

As I was prepping for a few upcoming talks this morning, I was hit with the realization of how absolutely blessed my life has been. From where my family has been to where we are today has been absolutely an incredibly awesome journey. One of the keys of getting to where we are today is through the connection to others. Whether it was through friends, family, mentors, coaches, books, podcasts, etc. each connection has added to the success we are experiencing today. Getting to live out my purpose and passion through speaking and workshops to high stress groups that serve our communities (i.e. 9-1-1 dispatchers, emergency responders, the medical community, etc.) has been so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

What one or two folks are you grateful for and why? Leave a comment by 5am CST on 12/5/14 for your chance to win a copy of one of my all time favorite mentor’s books…Dan Miller’s Wisdom Meets Passion book and audio book.


Here are just a few of mine…

To my awesome folks listed below…THANK you for giving me hope when I was down, giving me motivation to move during tough times, inspiring me to reach past my self limiting barriers, and giving me the support and encouragement to remember I am more than enough. I value and appreciate each of you! THANK YOU!!!!

Core support group:

  • Mom
  • Husband
  • Kids
  • Jane Mueller

Close Friends:

  • Ann Musico
  • Kathy Crandall
  • Mark Anderson

Mentors / Coaches

Mastermind Group/Influencers:

Incredible Support and Encouragement Group:

The Iron Jen Tribe:

  • YOU!!!

We all need inspiration, encouragement, and motivation in our lives. Our ‘Be Inspired’ blog segments do just that. We hope you enjoy.

We get so busy in our daily life that it is easy to get discouraged by our daily issues that confront us each day. Sometimes it is nice to take a break and see through the eyes of others in order to appreciate what we have.

A salute to the caregivers who work with folks that have memory issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. We can all learn a lesson in resiliency and patience from you.

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Do you know how to call 911? 

There’s more to just punching in the numbers on the phone.  Please take 2 minutes to watch.

A huge thank you to our community 9-1-1 dispatchers as they do a awesome job at being the calm amidst the chaos.

Our world today is full of “junk” – we turn on the radio, the TV, or go on the internet and we are pummeled with negativity. The purpose of our everyday heroes blog segments is to not only say thanks, but to help give a lift of encouragement to all of us.

Kory Oman, 9-1-1 Dispatcher of the Year (2014). Picture credit: KATU News

Kory Oman, 9-1-1 Dispatcher of the Year (2014). Picture credit: KATU News

Congrats to Kory Oman, who was named National 9-1-1 Dispatcher of the year. Click to Tweet

Kory was singled out for what he did during the shooting of Oregon City reserve police officer Robert Libke and the Clackamas Town Center shooting.

In getting to speak for 9-1-1 dispatcher audiences, I will tell you it never ceases to amaze me the work these folks do. They truly are the calm amongst the chaos and do more than most of us will ever know in helping to bridge people in incredibly weak situation to find the help they desperately need.

Our 9-1-1 dispatchers maybe working behind the scenes but they our police officer’s or firemen’s lifeline out in the field: coordinating resources, making notifications, running checks, and getting the help you need during an emergency just to keep our community safe.

Thank you to Kory as well as the rest of the 9-1-1 dispatcher workers out there for helping our communities and families grow stronger. Love and admire what you do! Keep up the great work.

For the rest of us, we never know when we might have the opportunity to be that hero to someone. By having resiliency in our lives, it allows us to take time out of our own busy lives to notice the struggles that others are going through.

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