Kindness: What to do when it becomes a FEDERAL OFFENSE

3 Tips Every Person Should Know to Find Happiness Even When They Are Surrounded by Idiots

Most of the groups I serve around the country are full of hardworking people just trying to make the world we live in a little better. It never ceases to amaze at how inspiring others can be and sometimes I leave a group thinking” I wanna be like them when I grow up.”  What does reality […]

Help! I Married My Opposite

25 Simple Tips to Help Build a Strong Marriage Even If You Married Your Opposite

Do you remember falling in love with your opposite? You couldn’t wait to spend time with them. Then the engagement came and you couldn’t wait to tell your family and friends. All the planing and excitement that lead up to the BIG day – the day you got married. Can you remember the joy and anticipation […]

Obituaries – Are They Sad or Joyful to Read?

Discovering the two most important words to have answered in a obituary

Living intentionally with two words in mind will drive us to living a life well lived.  Admittedly, I don’t watch the news, however I am a bit embarrassed to admit I enjoy reading obituaries of strangers. I know, sounds morbid, right? Reading about celebrities who have passed in 2016 (i.e. George Michael, Doris Roberts, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher, etc.) […]

Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Our First Responders?

Humanizing the Badge Through Social Media

Getting to assist my first responder groups in learning how to decrease stress, build resiliency, and reduce chaos is truly a joy…an honor I do NOT take lightly. So what are some of the stressors that our first responder communities are facing today?  Sadly, the stressors that most of our first responders face will NOT be […]

Thank you to the EveryDay Heroes that are working this Thanksgiving instead of being with their families!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Remember…if you happen to come across an EveryDay Hero working this holiday, please take a moment to say thanks.  For my EveryDay Heroes that are at work and away from their families this Thanksgiving…God bless and THANKS to not only YOU, but also to your FAMILY.