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Jen McDonough, Motivational Storyteller / Engaging Author / Empowering CoachHi, thanks for taking the time to read. My name is Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen). Not long ago, my family found ourselves living a life of fear when our son was diagnosed with a lifetime medical condition. We were devastated both financially and emotionally. During this very painful, embarrassing, and fearful time, we went through many obstacles in not only in our finances, but also in our relationships, health, and jobs. Using the strategies learned from being an athletic champion, we were able to create incredible outcomes. Our story would go on to reach people through local, national, and international media (including being featured in a German documentary film) Today, I assist in building stronger organizations, communities, and families by helping to cultivate courageous leaders by using my background training and experience from my 20+ year experiences of becoming a:

  • Ironman triathlete after not being able to run, bike, or swim.
  • Eight-time national Olympic-style weightlifter and two-time U.S. Olympic Festival medal winner after starting off with a broomstick.
  • Author of three Amazon Top 100 books in one year after being ridiculed as a child and an adult for my grammar skills (one of those books has been in Amazon’s Kindle Top 100 for over 3 years while another one hit #1 in Amazon’s budgeting category).
  • Debt free family after having paid off over $212,000 worth of debt & medical expenses in 4 years after not being able to pay our monthly expenses.
  • Certified firefighter 1 & 2 and first responder after not being all that fond of heights, confined spaces, and fire.
  • Empowered parent of a child who was diagnosed with an incurable lifetime medical condition after being emotionally & financially devastated.

Through my roles as a keynote presenter and workshop trainer, I am passionate about cultivating courageous leaders through building resiliency and reducing stress. Audience members easily relate to my authentic presentation style as I use engaging, humorous and relevant stories that teach powerful and impactful lessons.I have been married to my awesome husband Bob for twenty-three years. We have four kids…one daughter and three boys. We live in Lindstrom, Minnesota. In my free time, I enjoy being a volunteer firefighter / first responder in our community, doing triathlons, reading, walking, and hanging out with my family.

How Can You Work With Me?

I love serving the Everyday Hero and their organizations though keynote presentations, workshop sessions, group coaching, individual 1:1 coaching, and seminar training. To find out more about my speaking, please click HERE.

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You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. Please find my books on Amazon HERE. McDonough Family 2015


In her roles as a motivational storyteller and engaging Amazon Top 100 author, Jen McDonough (pronounced “McDunna”) aka The Iron Jen works with first responders and high stress organizations in helping them to cultivate courageous leaders through learning ways to build resiliency, reduce stress, calm chaos, and improve communication.

Jen and her family are most known for paying off over $212,000 worth of debt and medical expenses in 4 years. Their story has been featured in local, national and international media.

She is also an 8-time national weightlifter, MN Hall of Fame inductee, and 2-time US Olympic Festival medal winner as well as an Ironman triathlete.

All 3 of her books have hit Amazon’s Top 100 categories including her book 5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich which hit #1 under Amazon’s budgeting category.

Jen recently obtained her firefighter 1 and firefighter 2 certifications & is a new Fire Chaplain, however she still needs to get over her fear of tight spaces, heights, and fire as well as drop her habit of cussing out motorists who don’t get out of the way of emergency vehicles. 

She lives in Lindstrom MN with her 4 awesome kids, 1 handsome husband, and 1 ugly mortgage.

You can find out more about her at www.TheIronJen.com.

Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) helps organizations cultivate courageous leaders as leaders and team members will learn how to:
~ Build Resiliency
~ Become situationally aware of complacency
~ Adapt to change
~ Recover from setbacks
~ Reduce stress
~ Overcome obstacles
~ Removal of self-limting barriers

Looking forward to serving you.

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