List Building Services

  • Are you a speaker who wants to build your business?
  • Are you a coach who wants to build your business through speaking?
  • Are you in need of organizational list building services for your marketing efforts, but don’t want to spend the time and/or energy gathering client contact information?

Sometimes as speakers we get lost in all the things we SHOULD be doing around building our platform that we forget to focus bringing income into our business. 

If you are interested in having a list build done, please contact reach out to us by clicking HERE and let me know how we can serve your list building needs. 

Common Questions and Answers:

How much does your list building services cost?

$3.50 a contact. EXAMPLE: Depending on your association, a typical list will be around 50 contacts so a typical list will run ~$175. Pretty inexpensive when you look at the ROI of these lists.

How do I get started? 

Please click HERE to let us know you want to get started on your list builds. 

Do I need to pay upfront for my lists? 

NO. We will NOT pull any list until we have the go ahead from you. Typically when we get a request to have a list pulled, we will send you an email to confirm what association options there are and then how many contacts we can pull. From there we wait for your go ahead before pulling any lists as we want to be sure we have CLEAR communication on this so there is no misunderstanding on budgets or expectations. Payment is due when lists are completed. 

What is included on the lists?

Our goal for each contact is to gather as much valuable information for you as possible. So when available, we will gather information such as the general contact info for the association, the association event info that includes conference name and date along with the event coordinator’s contact information. 

Will your team get me booked as a speaker or find organizations that fit within my speaker budget?

No. Knowing your market is up to you. Our team mines data for our clients and then gives the information to our clients so they can easily start to get in contact with organizations to investigating and marketing to.

Why do you recommend associations?

Associations typically have big “funnel” systems for speakers to get booked. Marketing to associations gives speakers a great advantage as associations will typically give them more exposure to their ideal audiences.

Why are your services so valuable and is this something I can do myself?

Most definitely this is something you can do yourself. The services we provide are not magical by any means in that we are simply mining data for our list builds. The magic really is in the amount of TIME and ENERGIES we save for you. As speakers is it easy to get “lost in the bunny trails” of list building. Being conservative, we typically save speakers about 10-30 hours a month in time by providing this service.

What are association list builds and how can we help you?

We want to see you succeed in building your speaking and coaching business with my customized association list building services.

Our customized association list building services not only contain the traditional marketing contact information such as organization name, address, and  phone number, but can be built to include valuable information such as upcoming conference logistics and event coordinator contact information.

Can I pull this information myself?

You bet you can, but honestly…do you really want to spend all the time and effort doing this yourself when you can be pouring your efforts into other areas that you enjoy?

How many times can I use my lists?

Unlike other list building services, once you have purchased lists set(s) from us, these are yours to keep. There is no limit to how often you can use them.

Why do we only work primarily with association list builds?

If you are a speaker looking to get booked for large events, association list building is the way to go as it provides a lot of bang for your marketing efforts.

Do we do any other types of list builds besides associations?

While association list builds are what we specialize in, we can also build lists that fit your specific needs, however any lists outside of association lists need to be preapproved through Jen as we do NOT want to over promise on something that is not within our ability to provide. 


What if I need additional help with getting booked?

You can find Jen’s coaching packages HERE

Ready to get started with you list build?

Please contact us HERE to let us know how we can best serve your list building needs.  

Know we look forward to serving you.

Why did I start this service?

Like many busy speakers today, I struggled with trying keep up with all the things the platform building experts told me I SHOULD do (i.e. social media, blogging, podcasting, & on and on…). Between working full time with a daily two-hour commute, being a mom to four kids, writing 3 books in a year, and trying to get booked as a speaker, I found my time, energy, and monies ran short. It was frustrating not only to me, but also for my spouse who was finding it hard to be patient as more of our hard-earned money was going out. In addition, it left me overwhelmed, drained, and tired as I was bogged down with all the busy things that I “SHOULD” be doing.

Today, I am a full-time professional speaker who has learned how to turn my expensive hobby into a profitable business that allows me to support my family while spending more time with them.

How did I move my speaking hobby to become a profitable business?

Investing in great coaches such as Kent Julian, Dan Miller, and Jane Atkinson, as well as surrounding myself with other high achievers was the biggest step in helping transition from my j.o.b. to living out my purpose and passion.

Once I was ready to move forward with building my business, the next biggest step came when I became intentional on spending 70%-80% of my time on marketing. A key ingredient to my marketing came directly from my association list building efforts. In short, this led me to become really, really awesome at association list building.

Now, I would like to help your marketing efforts with my customized list building services…

Kent Julian“I have never recommended buying a list until The Iron Jen’s List Building Services came along. The reason? Everyone ends up buying the same lists. This is why in the past I endorsed building your own “sweat equity” list. Building your own list, while time consuming, is the best way to develop a prospective client list that is personalized to you and your services. With that said, The Iron Jen’s List Building Services allows you to develop your own personalized “sweat equity” list without having to invest your own “sweat equity.” If you are a speaker looking to develop a solid list of prospective clients unique to you and your services, I highly recommend this service!  Kent Julian, President and Executive Speaking Coach, Speak It Forward

As as a new speaker, it is sometimes hard to know where to begin in the process of finding one’s market. It is easy to get stuck on knowing where exactly to start and who to market to. Jen’s insight has helped me identify several target audiences that fit my niche and message. I would never have thought about this idea. Thanks Jen!  Kingsley Grant, The ReStorying Guy

Julie CarrJen is amazing coach!  As a speaker and a coach, and I sought out Jen to help me define my niche as well as with her expert list building services.  During out coaching session I received more than I had imagined.  Not only did Jen answer my questions regarding defining a niche and ways to search for paid speaking engagements, but she went above and beyond into areas that were not even related to the call!  Jen is warm, engaging, encouraging and very knowledgeable, all while she is putting the information into workable pieces for a rookie like me to incorporate into a workable plan of action.  I highly recommend Jen and her team if you are seeking ways to gain leverage in your speaking and/or coaching business to get paid doing what you love and are created to do!  Julie Carr, Career Coach, Life Strategist, & Speaker

jeff mcmanus“Before I got Jens Marketing List, I was having a hard time locating the right people to market to. Now, I am reaching my market and expanding my top of mind marketing. Thanks Jen!  Jeff  McManus, Director of Landscape Services, Airport & Golf Services, The University of Mississippi


Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) helps organizations cultivate courageous leaders as leaders and team members will learn how to:
~ Build Resiliency
~ Become situationally aware of complacency
~ Adapt to change
~ Recover from setbacks
~ Reduce stress
~ Overcome obstacles
~ Removal of self-limting barriers

Looking forward to serving you.

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