3 Excuse Masher Techniques for Success

It is human nature to use excuses when we don’t achieve success. In fact, some excuses are so wildly popular, I bet you can name out the answers to these 3 popular excuses in 3 seconds or less:

The world’s most popular excuses (i.e. I call them the ‘3 Second Excuse’ lines) include:

  1. The dog ate my ____.
  2. The ____ is in the mail.
  3. I am too ____ and don’t have time.

(see answers at the bottom, although I don’t think you will need them)

Over the years, I have had a few of my own “3 second excuse” lines including one that that many utilize in their vocabulary as well….”I wish I could but______________.”

One example is when I wished I was in better shape, but I didn’t have time BECAUSE I was a busy mom with a low thyroid who worked full time and commuted an hour to work each day.

I used this excuse up until the day my young daughter proudly showed me a picture of an overweight, tired looking woman. I was shocked to see that it was me in the picture!

That picture, as painful as it was to see,  ended up being game changer for me…it made me step back from my day to day view of myself and look at the overall picture.

What I found wasn’t pretty. I was 60 pounds overweight, I was having health issues related to my weight, and quite frankly, I had a low self esteem. For years, I knew I wanted to lose weight, but felt it was not possible.  In using my excuses that told me I didn’t have time and I couldn’t succeed,  it caused me to continue spinning like a hamster in a wheel of failure versus going forward to success.

It was only after seeing that awful picture that I drew a line in the sand and said enough is enough…I had it!

I then took intentional action to put ME on my own priority list. I created goals and priorities and then found a plan that had worked for others. I then took intentional action to carve time out of my hectic schedule to make it happen.

The results?

In less than four months, I went on to lose 60 pounds!!  In conjunction with wanting to get in better shape, I also took up running.  I started off not even being able to run two blocks!  After just 10 months, I went on to run my first ever full marathon. It felt like an incredibly victorious accomplishment!

How can you take the same principles I learned from this experience and apply it to your own life? Simple…find ways to stop using excuses. Ha you say, is that even possible? Yes, it certainly is.

Here are 3 simple steps that I call “Excuse Mashers” techniques for success that will help you lead to living a successful life whether it be in your career, your family life, your health, etc.

  • Excuse Masher # 1: Become a “Sand Drawer” – A what? Yes, I said a Sand Drawer. Sand Drawers are people who have had it with their situation and decide to take intentional action to draw a line in the sand to say enough is enough! When you become a Sand Drawer, you become empowered.
  • Excuse Masher # 2: Become a “Margin Builder” – Huh? A Margin Builder is a person who intentionally takes control of their schedule and puts “margins” in their life. Margins are simply blocks of time that are used to act as “emergency” cushions of time for things that WILL pop up in your life. This allows for time to be used for important things that will always creep up in your life (Michael Hyatt did a great post on margins that I would recommend reading). When things come up and you have margins built in your life, things tend to be a little less hectic which makes you a better friend, spouse, parent, worker, and person.
  • Excuse Masher # 3: Become an “Intentional Liver” – No, I don’t mean liver as in your body liver, I mean LIVE with intention. Becoming an Intentional Liver requires you to utilize goals and priorities in your life. In my upcoming book, Living Beyond Rich, I talk about using these same principles I used for gaining my health back in becoming successful in our finances.

When you use the “Excuse Mashers” in your life, it eliminates the “excuse” to use excuses.

Questions: What excuses have prevented you from obtaining success in an area in your own life?  What “Excuse Mashers” of your own have worked for you to gain success?

Live Beyond Awesome.

Jen McDonough


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Answers to the above questions:

  1. The dog ate my homework.
  2. The check is in the mail.
  3. I am too busy and don’t have time.

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