Empowering the Everyday Hero to unleash their very best which:

~ Reduces stress, chaos, and drama 

~ Builds resiliency and focus to overcome obstacles 

~ Promotes growth and ability to adapt to change 

“Through her compassion, resilience, & real world experience, Jen changed my life. She brings heart and grit to creating change.” ~Mark A. (Everyday Hero)

Getting to serve the Everyday Hero is one of Jen’s greatest passions. Here are 3 ways the Everyday Hero Can Work With Jen

SPEAKING / TRAINING: If you are an event coordinator or organizational leader who is looking for an engaging keynote speaker, workshop leader, or trainer, just click HERE for more information on how Jen can serve your group.


Whether you are looking for 1:1 or group coaching, you can find out more information on what coaching services Jen offers HERE.


Are you looking to attend one of Jen’s live in person or virtual events including one of her 48 Days to the Work You Love Seminars? Just click HERE to find out more information.

Event Coordinator Testimonials

Jen was an awesome keynote speaker! Our group was motivated and inspired by her talk!“ – Rod Coleman, Education Chair, Gulf Coast 911 Conference

“I would just like to say that the seminar Jen spoke at was spectacular! It exceeded all my expectations. My main take-away from Jen’s talk was to always celebrate the little accomplishments! Jen’s personality was a true reflection of her story but even more so her victories! Thank for an awesome event!“Arkla Napper, Executive Assistant, Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department

I’m so glad to have been introduced to Jen at another event. Her story is inspiring and how she tells it is authentic and engaging. As a speaker, she shares from the heart in order to inspire individuals today to live with intention. As an event coordinator, I found her low maintenance, flexible, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her as a speaker.“ – Deb Staiger, Membership Chair, United Way WINGs

Organization Speaking Videos