Are First Responders at Risk for Alzheimers?


How many times have you spent time searching for misplaced items, especially after stressful shift? Is this the first signs of Alzeheimers we wonder? According to Daily Mail the average person spends about 10 minutes each day looking for misplaced items (~61 hours a year), so if this is you know misplacing things or having some forgetfulness […]

INSPIRING PEOPLE: 60 Years of Above and Beyond Service by the Lansing MI Firefighters

Lansing Mi

In 1953, a mentally challenged 13 year old kid was invited to check out the local firehouse in Lansing, MI. 60 years later, the now 73 year old Tony Tumminello is the most beloved member at the fire station. From serving meals 365 days a year for Tony, to helping out with his laundry, dropping him off […]

9-1-1 Dispatchers – The Most Important People You May Never Meet

Happy National Public Safety

9-1-1 Dispatchers are some of the most dedicated and important people most of us will never meet! They truly are the heroes among us that bring calm to chaotic situations. Thank you to our 9-1-1 Dispatchers for bringing calm to chaos. You guys rock! ~ Click HERE to Tweet Unlike the public first responders most […]

Warning Signs for First Responders to Seek Out Help

paramedics rushing patient into an ambulance

Emergency responders respond to and immerse themselves daily into the chaos and confusion of other people’s lives and by doing so put themselves at risk of becoming victims of traumatic incidents. In short, they are they are the calm to our society’s chaos. So how is this affecting their well-being? In a recent UK UNISON study involving […]