First Responders: 7 Tips to Good Sleep (Inexpensive and Easy to Implement)

Mature man cannot get to sleep

Do you crave a good night’s sleep, but can’t seem to find it? If so, know you are not alone. We know for many of our first responders and those who work in high stress positives have issues with getting good sleep. Part of this can be due to things such as long shifts, stressful […]

Motivational Monday: I Will Live Beyond Awesome

My attitude. My life. Today, I will live

It’s Monday again! While most of the world is struggling to stay focused and feeling blurry eyed and dreary today, my hope is that you are taking strides to create the life you desire. Sometimes we feel trapped by our circumstances rather than empowered by our choices. My attitude. My life. Today, I will live […]

3 Lifesaving Tips That Can Reduce Stress for First Responders and 9-1-1 Dispatchers

muscular man fighting with stress

Way to go to Denver 9-1-1 dispatcher Beth Kemper for her outstanding work with helping to save the life of a pregnant mother whose newborn was stolen and murdered after her stomach was slashed open at her 7 month term of pregnancy (for the full story, click HERE). While this story is certainly one of the […]

3 Tips to Becoming Assertive to Reduce Workplace Stress

Being assertive removes the trauma and drama clutter that we trip over in the future.

Is being assertive in the workplace really a good thing? According to Mayo Clinic, being assertive is a core communication skill that can help reduce stress, improve communication, gain self confidence & self esteem, and derive more job satisfaction. Being assertive means that you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while […]